Ready, Set…

Our last blog post was published in early February and here we are now in August. That certainly wasn't our intention but who could have predicted how much the world would change in just a few short months?

With all of the uncertainly around COVID-19 (we're still not in the clear yet) and the political unrest in the U.S., we didn't feel the timing was right to launch our first product, so we purposely put things on hold.

That's not to say we stopped working. In fact, the past few months have been quite productive. We retired some technical debt, added a number of monitoring capabilities, and completely re-architected how we process user requests. Among other things, these updates eliminated a nagging latency issue and significantly improved the overall customer experience. We'll share more details about this in the future.

While the timing may not be perfect to launch a new business – is it ever? – we've decided it's time to ship our first product. As of yesterday (August 10, 2020), we have officially entered a public beta period for Please Share, a new employee advocacy solution. We launched the website and are accepting requests to join our beta program.

The intention is that we will open Please Share to everyone sometime in September. We know it can be annoying to have to request beta access, but there are a few areas that we want to monitor as we onboard customers. This will help us when scaling in the future.

Given the new reality we're all dealing with, we hope that everyone who reads this post is happy and healthy. Please take a look at the Please Share website and if you're interested in joining our beta program, you can request to do so here.